Cairo First Church

Frank and Joyce Pickens and Mildred Pelham Scholarship

The intent of the Cairo First Church Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to children of members of the church to pursue post-secondary education. It is designed to encourage students by demonstrating the love and support of the church and to foster an ongoing spirit of giving to others through the church family.


Scholarships are awarded yearly and are supported by funds from the Frank and Joyce Pickens Scholarship Fund and the Mildred Pelham Education Grant. Those interested in applying for a scholarship must complete an application form and submit a written essay (first time applicants only) and high school/college transcripts. Interviews may also be required. An informational parent meeting will be held each year to review the application process.

All applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and recommended to the Board of Trustees in coordination with the Laity Council for approval. Approved applicants can receive up to $3000 each year to be used for educational expenses. Initial funds are disbursed in August after applicants are approved. Remaining funds are disbursed in January upon receipt of first semester transcripts.

The scholarship committee will review guidelines and procedures annually and make changes as needed. Any changes will be published before the application process begins each year.

Guidlines and application may be downloaded here: Scholarship2024Update