The youth group at Cairo First Church is all about community. It has a life of its own and its own little faith community within the larger church. We have kids and students from inside and outside the church membership. Some who know Jesus closely and some who are earnestly seeking answers to life’s questions. Our youth group is a safe place to come and experience friendship and closeness with others from all different backgrounds, and all of that community is set against a backdrop of solid teaching about God and his love drawn from Scripture.

Come hang out with us at one of our Youth events! They’re fun, informal events that focus on hanging out with each other and getting know each other.

If you want to know what it’s like to worship and learn with us, come on a Wednesday night for our teaching time or Sunday morning for Sunday school.

Youth events are monitored by teams of chaperones who have been vetted by background checks in accordance with the Safe Sanctuaries Policy of the United Methodist Church.
If you would like to know more about how we create a safe environment for our students or about what is being taught, please contact us at the church office or directly through our Contact Us page.